Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc. was formed in 1984 with an intense desire to produce premium quality photographs of architecture and interior design. Since that time, we have created well over 28,000 images for architects, interior designers, home builders, contractors, developers, resorts and design related magazines.

We are a two person company based in Phoenix, Arizona which is where the large majority of our work is comprised. We travel upon request to out of state projects a few times each year.

Mark Boisclair
Mark Boisclair (Boy-clair) grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and became interested in photography in college in 1974. He began working in the professional portrait photography industry in 1976. Mark moved to Phoenix in 1979 and continued to be employed as a portrait photographer. In 1984 he combined his photography skills with his interest in architecture and interior design and started Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc. which would specialize exclusively in fine architectural photography.
Scott VanderStouw
Scott VanderStouw was raised in the Rochester, New York area and moved to Phoenix in 1996. His interest and education in many art forms includes photography. Scott joined Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc. in January of 2001 as general assistant. His tremendous computer skills were soon apparent. Scott's knowledge and experience of digital imaging has enabled us to create a much higher quality photographic product than ever before.

Our images have appeared in virtually every local and regional publication as well as numerous national trade and consumer design magazines. We are especially proud of the countless awards we help our clients win for themselves.

Digital photography and new electronic ways of communicating are changing the way that we all work. All of our photographs are now created using our high-resolution digital cameras. Because they are digital, the images can be cleaned up, enhanced and taken to a higher level than ever before. Virtually anything can be achieved. We can output the corrected images as digital files or prints.

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc. strives to create images of very high standards. This is what excites us and what our many prestigious clients have come to expect from us.

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