Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc. was established in 1984 to produce premium quality architectural images. Over the decades, we have created more than 33,000 photos. Our photography has appeared in virtually every local and regional periodical, as well as national trade and consumer design magazines.


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Our clients’ needs come first, and we’re especially proud of the countless awards our photographs have helped them win. By valuing our clients’ investment and providing the highest-quality photographic product, we help set the standard for excellence in the industry.


Our two-person team is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Most of our clients are nearby, but we travel to work on projects in other states a few times each year.

Mark Boisclair

Mark Boisclair (Boy-clair) grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While at college in 1974, he developed an interest in photography and began doing portrait photography shortly thereafter. Mark continued to work as a portrait photographer after relocating to Phoenix in 1979. Soon, his love of architecture and design inspired him to start his own business. In 1984 Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc opened its doors and began creating artful architectural images for a wide range of clients.


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